Ralph … is older … and wants his body to work like a machine.

Real stories, real lives.

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Ralph suffered mood swings mostly caused by insufficient testosterone production.


But with lower levels of testosterone that's wasn't likely to happen.


But protein without enough testosterone to train hard just made him tired and look fat. He needed something more …


Ralph read about how optimal testosterone levels help you age well and stay feeling young and fit.

He has friends older than him doing army-style HIT training before work, bodypump in the evenings, spinning classes, even iron man weekends. Ralph heard about TRIBEX …

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Keeping testosterone levels in balance with protein intake and steady exercise Ralph's muscle mass increased by 1 - 2 kilo per month.


Testosterone enables a quick recovery, no dips or sniffles, steady as you go. Fit guys at the core get sick less.


When Ralph trained hard he found his libido dropping off. Now he's always interested and producing more sperm than 10 years ago.


Testosterone supports your mood, helps with concentration and is crucial for a good memory. No more mental fatigue for Ralph.

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Ralph uses TRIBEX.


TRIBEX supports the natural production of testosterone, muscle cells and sperm in men aged 28+


Developed with standardised Ayurvedic plant extracts with tribulus, muira puama, ginseng and zinc1 to keep you feeling young


Enables older men to enhance their performance during training, fitness, power sports or endurance exercise.


Enables older men to enhance their performance during training, fitness, power sports or endurance exercise.



Our team has been developing pharmaceutical grade nutritional products for top sports stars and recreational athletes since 1996. TRIBEX was developed in 1998 in cooperation with a top sports medicine laboratory in Belgium to help otherwise healthy men aged 28 years and older to maintain their testosterone levels within normal bandwidths using Ayurvedic standardised herbal extracts and other nutrients. No interactions are known or expected with other substances. No side effects are expected in healthy men who already exercise normally, mostly drink water and maintain their protein intake.

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"I'm using it for 1½ months now. Great product"

and I'm definitely noticing a difference since taking it.
Mr. Noordermeer
Aug 20, 2016

"Great stuff, does what it should do"

I notice progress in my weight training. I already know now what my next order is going to be….the blue pills.
Mr. Hogenboom
Jan 17, 2017

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TRIBEX helps men 28+ train more often and achieve more as long as you maintain your nutritional intake and keep your exercise and rest schedule balanced. For most men one tablet per day is more than sufficient; sometimes a double dose works better with intensive training schedules. If you listen to your body and feed it well consistently then you’ll be able to achieve much more when exercising, lose more fat and gain new muscle mass whilst maintaining your immune system and energy levels.

Each tablet of TRIBEX contains Tribulus terrestris, Muira puama, Avena sativa, Panax ginseng, zinc1 gluconate and is approved for the following claims1 within the European Union (432/2012): supports testosterone production within natural limits, supports cell tissue replication, supports quality spermatogenesis and is good for male fertility, helps protein synthesis, supports mood, concentration and the ability of the brain to focus during exercise.


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AMISET products contain standardised highly concentrated botanical extracts manufactured in a pharmaceutical GMP facility which when combined with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, are sold as nutritional food supplements suitable for healthy adult consumers with a balanced varied diet. Always follow the instructions on the packaging before use. Keep out of reach of children. Registered trademarks apply. Shipping times vary according to country and location but are normally 2 - 14 days. Our logistics team and/or courier companies will keep you informed from the moment of ordering until delivery has been completed.

J. Focke

Well-arranged site fast and neat delivery

November 4, 2019

Joost Van Der Enden

Fine for years

October 31, 2019

Robbert Poort

Great product

October 28, 2019

Arash Ayub

Price on the high side unfortunately. You certainly feel fit with this product, I think for 40+.

August 6, 2019


Good support

May 27, 2019

Robbert Poort

TTribex has proven to be a perfect supplement. I have found that my spasms have practically disappeared in my left body and that I have developed "dry muscles, which have made unsolicited muscle twitches for a long time. Admittedly, it is a complete picture, after having had reduced left motor activity for 32 years, is after a turnaround with intensive exercise, physiotherapy, better rest, healthier eating, a tight program, and on the advice of a doctor to use a nutritional supplement, Tribex, my body and mental status feel familiar. Youthful, more decisive. I am incredibly satisfied. Friends see it too. #Never thought I would ever write such a review for a product from a commercial institution. #

April 10, 2019


Really works

March 11, 2019

jordy bosch

good product

February 27, 2019

P. groot

Super product this really wakes up.

January 18, 2019

Marc Smeets

I feel less tired and start sharply

23 december 2018

Dhr. Ricardo

This helps well I already feel at the gym that I can go on longer and dare to have more weight. I will continue to use this.

16 november 2018

Eric Sterk

Gives more energy mentally you feel fitter. This effect already after one week with 1 tablet per day.

20 oktober 2018

Jasper Nagtzaam

With a pill a day I keep my testosterone production up to par.

2 oktober 2018

Lex Makkinje

Top stuff does what it promises.

21 juli 2018

Marcel Bijleveld

Top product if you get older. Gives energy lust

13 juli 2018


Tribex has good qualities and certainly works together with o.a.Gojo Gingseng

7 juli 2018

Gunther Verspecht

I am usually rather suspicious about marketing but this product does really well what it promises ...

27 juni 2018


no side effects ... or does it work? ... I do not feel weak.

25 juni 2018

henny Versteeg

Notice the difference take it for a while

24 juni 2018

Dhr. Van de velde

Seems to give a little more strength and a better recovery of the muscles.

23 april 2018

Marcel Bijleveld

Actually works very well I have been using it for a few years now because my travel behavior (150 days a year) requires a lot of energy. Sometimes you get a bit short of everything energy sex drift and muscle power then this is a nice solution.

16 april 2018

Mevr. Lodeweyckx

Have it taken a while. I do not think I have recovered much muscle mass but in terms of potential I noticed a 'positive difference'

10 april 2018

Mario Hammer

Very good product gives me more energy and power

1 april 2018

Dhr. Miliaux

More strength more endurance stronger body and more sense of sex …

31 maart 2018

Dhr. Aad Vonkv

Good product keep you young and strong. Use it for years highly recommended .Aad.

23 maart 2018

Mevr. Janseghers

Gives a boost over time and this without side effects!

6 maart 2018

Walter Lemmens

The product is excellent!

13 februari 2018

P. Breewel

I have been using the product for more than 2 months just after my operation cancer started with tribe.Was lost 8 kilos now more than 3 kilos. Thanks to tribex I feel fit and strong go back to the gym. Even my libido is completely back.I am very satisfied ......... Paul

6 februari 2018


I feel healthier and fitter than someone who is 15 years younger.

27 december 2017


It does what it says. The body had to get used to what finally came to sleep with 2 pills but in the end this is also about. Your masculinity becomes hard as stone :-) and your energy with sports goes up! So all fine!

26 oktober 2017

Dhr. Huizingh

This product gives you more energy. You are more alive and it also increases your libido. Fine and recommended for 50+

20 oktober 2017

Dhr. Teeuwsen

In my opinion the preparation is sufficient for which it is intended.

17 oktober 2017

Dhr. Wuyts

Recently I started with Tribex because I got some more problems with muscle retention because of my age. Now ask my friends if I have a lot of time in the fitness given the positive changes. That is not the case as I mainly spend many hours with dance training.

30 september 2017


For many years I have been using this fantastic product to my complete satisfaction!

19 september 2017

Klant Ron

After a week the operation comes !!!!

15 september 2017

Dhr. thys

1 death is too little to have certain advice but it turns out to be a good product

8 september 2017

Dhr. Jonker

Since I am no longer the youngest and still have to do heavy work every day I am very happy with this product and the supplement that gives it to my body that is needed …

25 augustus 2017


I have been using Tribex for about a month now. At a dose of 1 per day the effect is too little for me. At a dose of 2 per day I clearly have more energy and feel more vital. I will definitely continue with this.

12 augustus 2017

Jan Bos

I do think that I have more energy and waste. fat loss

2 augustus 2017

Mevr. Driessen

Due to the consequences of a car accident I had a strong reduction of my energy level for a long time. In addition the growth of the years and the conduct of an active and especially sportive life. Tribex gives me the extra boost that I need. Works well for me. What I do not understand is why you take 2 pills daily and it is not 1 pill (was possible with the stronger version that is no longer in the program). Easy to take. Works for me.

29 juli 2017

John Poeze

regular user of Tribex I am 65 years old and fortunately I have not completely lost my wild hairs and would like to keep this for as long as possible and that works well with ao Tribex and a number of other orthomolecular means much more power energy lust and desire so I recommend this product even about two pills a day to maintain everything this is my contribution JP

29 juli 2017

Dhr. vanderbeken

Is a good product recommended for over 50s

21 juli 2017

Dhr. Patrick De Wachter

A source of energy and self-confidence

17 juli 2017

L.m. Tan

after using the tablets in two or three weeks I notice that I get more energy. generally good product. First started with a tablet and later increased to two tablets.

12 juli 2017


Tribex: heard a lot about it but never tried it. So when 54er bought a few pots via And I do not regret that! With this product you get an energy maker and training is easier and more powerful. The first week I slept a little less well on the dose of 2 pills. With 1 tablet I did not suffer from it anymore while the positive effects remained. Nice side effect: you get a bit horny. That will be a long hot summer thanks to you! In short: I am happy and can definitely recommend Tribex!

10 juli 2017


as far as the company is concerned very fast delivery and the product works at least that is my finding

10 juli 2017

Mevr. danny

gives more energy and volumme to the muscles

9 juli 2017

Dhr. Eijck

More energetic and more motivated

9 juli 2017

Dhr. los

I became fitter and stronger but also held a lot of moisture. that was not the intention.

5 juli 2017

Dhr. Pelz

Good product that does exactly what it says. Top

5 juli 2017

meneer. Alazzawi

It is indeed working well but only expensive and 2 pills a day to get good results

4 juli 2017


This product works really well. I exercise a lot and feel that my strength has increased after I started using it.

4 juli 2017

Dhr. Verbrugghe

Fast and correct delivery.

3 juli 2017


Does what it has to do. Fast delivery

30 juni 2017

Dhr. thierry

Satisfied with the results. Not so long meebezig :)

25 juni 2017

Dhr. Stevens

Good service and feel good and young! Especially in combination with sports recommended!

16 juni 2017

Dhr. Eijkenboom

I notice something positive too early to judge I will certainly order more.

14 juni 2017

Dhr. Janssen

Really gives more energy. Little careful with the dose at the beginning because of restless sleep but works really well.

25 juni 2017

Geachte E

I now use Tribex 3 months and in the beginning I immediately noticed a difference. More energy old-fashioned harder and my wife noticed it immediately. The hardness and the sense decreased somewhat due to body weight and age but is now completely back. I say that every morning I take 1 pill with standard vitamins next to it because of my physical physical labor and that the difference in the beginning as I experienced it is now a lot less but the effect is indeed!

9 juni 2017

Chris v. Zinderen

did not feel any strange side effects or anything like that .. good stuff feel great

2 juni 2017

Dhr. Thijs

Use it now for 20 days and feel better/p>

21 mei 2017

Mevr. Filippo

Top product. Really feel that it works ...

20 mei 2017

Dhr. Gonzalez

Really good it worked almost inmediately

17 mei 2017

Dhr. Schenker

"I started cautiously with 1 tablet and noticed after a few days that I got more energy and more sense to exercise. Since last week I have increased the number of tablets to 2 spread over the day. I now notice that I am slightly stronger and that my muscles feel a bit fuller. I do feel that I sleep restlessly when I take the 2nd tablet in the afternoon. For now I will continue with the use."

10 mei 2017


Perfect product works better than most common Tribulus Terrestris products because usually their own testosterone production goes down. At Tribex the production of the own testosterone is encouraged so that it can also be used for a long time without side effects.

28 april 2017

Dhr. Mei

I can not give a real value assessment yet because I have only used the product for a short time

7 maart 2017

Dhr. Dijkhuizen

Works well and makes me feel good too!

28 februari 2017

Dhr. Keasberry

I think it's a super product! It works great for me. I am now 47 and start to get some ailments. This product seems to help me with faster recovery after sport and other efforts I notice that my metabolism has increased. I can eat what I want with impunity. I do not know if my sex drive has increased. That was fine for me. I have been using it for 3 months now and have already ordered 4 pots extra. Highly recommended.

23 februari 2017

Dhr. Willems

Tribex gives me a good feeling I feel fitter recover faster and feel better. I also lost weight without losing muscle mass.

14 februari 2017


Good product after two weeks more energy and a higher libido

8 februari 2017

Joop Glas

Only just in use. No judgment yet

24 januari 2017

heer/mevrouw van gool

good product brand only 2 weeks

10 januari 2017

Dhr. Monteny

Took 2 supplements daily during intense working months now back on one day. I feel good with my 56 years young

25 augustus 2016

Dhr. Blotenburg

True what is written ... more energy and spice

12 augustus 2016

Satif Belaarbi

It does what it has to do. Only benefit from it. Top product

16 maart 2016

Mr. Hogenboom

Great stuff, does what it should do, I notice progress in my weight training. I already know now what my next order is going to be….the blue pills.

Jan 17, 2017

Ms. Toebes

Works well and a nice product.

Jul 10, 2016


It's a great product, can not live without

Aug 12, 2016

Mr. Ricardo

I have not used this product for a full month yet and I see that it works and I have more power at the gym and my libido has greatly improved

Jun 9, 2017

Mr. Vogel

I saw the ad and I wanted to try it right away. I'm using it now for two month and there's a good muscle growth. I'm 50 now and I feel really good. Strong and powerful. So I have made a follow-up order.Super

Jun 11, 2017

Mr. Rajaram

It's true what they write…more spunk and energy

Aug 12, 2016

Mr. Philip Hollevoet

Good product! Helps me to maintain my muscle mass and keeps me feeling energetic.

Mar 18, 2016


It does what it should do. Only has benefits. Great product

Mar 16, 2016

Hans Hammega

I am now midway and take 1 tablet a day but don't feel different. The last half I will double the dose and if necessary I will adjust my findings.

Jun 9, 2017


2 stars would mean bad, I don't want to say that with this. I am now using 1 pill per day (dosage is 1 to 2 tablets a day) and at 1 pill a day I do not really notice anything. So after 1 month I want to increase my dosage to 2 pills a day, and see if I notice anything.

Feb 27, 2017

Mr. Dijkhuizen 

Works well and makes me feel really good!

Feb 28, 2017


Super product. Fast delivery.

Feb 9, 2017

Mr. Canoy

Super product does what it needs to do.

Feb 23, 2017


I think it's a great product! For me, it really works wonderfully. I'm 47 and starting to get some problems." This product seems to help me to recover faster after sports and other exertion, I notice that my metabolism has increased. I can eat what I want within reason without getting punished for it. Not sure if my sex-drive has increased. It was already fine as far as I was concerned. I've used it for 3 months now and have ordered 4more pots.

Feb 23, 2017

Richard Courtens

You feel that you have more energy than before.

Jun 2, 2017

Mr. Klein

I have the idea that I lost some weight by using Tribex! Stuck to the same lifestyle and I'm not training more but my body feels tighter! It's also a positive that I don't notice any side effects ... No extra caffeine that gets you hyper or gives you a higher heart rate or disrupt your sleep! "

Jun 7, 2017

Joost Aarts

This product did not disappoint me at all. In the first week I started with 1 tablet in the morning. Inner peace but at the same time also increased energy to exercise. An increased blood supply and more feelings of lust. The second week increased the dosage to 2 tablets. The feeling increased, so this supplement is worth the money.

Jun 5, 2017

Fernand De Schepper

Great product, already after a few days you feel the energy and the power.

Jun 3, 2017


I consistantly take two tablets at breakfast and it makes me feel good.

Mar 8, 2017


Almost starting with my 2nd pot. I strongly believe that it makes me feel fitter. Fat percentage is lower and muscle mass has increased, but at the same time I also watch my (sports) nutrition.

Mar 7, 2017


Before I used a different test. booster. Satisfied customer.

Mar 8, 2017

Mr. Gemanaru

Really good for me. Have to buy it every month.

Mar 12, 2017

Mr. Wolff

Very very good and does exactly what it says

Mar 14, 2017

Mr Nijhuis

Got more power and feel more vital since using Tribex.

Mar 25, 2017


Good product, I feel more energetic and powerful .. the pills are almost finished ... soon ordering again.

Mar 25, 2017

René Vos

Good result after use. After one week already better muscle performance.

Oct 19, 2016

Mr. Van de Peppel

Tribex gives support by exertion and it gives noticably more power and better muscle development.

May 22, 2017

Mr. V Tongeren

I am very satisfied and works fine

Aug 8, 2016

Bert Wiefkers

Fast and correct delivery

Nov 15, 2016


After a lot of night shifts I felt a bit weak, after a week with one tablet a day I feel already a bit better

Oct 25, 2016

Mr. Ron van Elven

Using Tribex for more than 3 months now and I'm very pleased with this product. Do not expect a miracles, but it works fine for me.

Apr 7, 2017

Mrs. Schuuring

Works well and potency also goes up

Apr 9, 2017

D. Van Den Bossche

Delivered on time !!!!!!

Mar 28, 2017


Just good. Satisfied. Good delivery.

May 23, 2017

Mr. Wolff

I'm very pleased with this product and it does absolutely everything it needs to do.

Mar 31, 2017


Have more energy, can do heavier sets and I am more flexible. Very satisfied. Use it now for 3 months. Excellent support during my training.

Apr 14, 2017

Mr. Boudestein

After taking Tribex for a while l feel a lot fitter than before it really works really very well

Dec 23, 2016

Mr. R W Hukema

Nice small tablets, easy to take. You notice that the proteins work better for more body

Oct 6, 2016


No idea if they help but because of the shape they're swallow easily

Apr 14, 2017

Peter Wor

Have more energy, I have a hard job and tribex helps me cope. Top product

Apr 20, 2017

René Michiels

Fast service and good customer service.

May 26, 2017

Mr. Fauville 

Good product and quick delivery.

May 26, 2017

Mr. Nijhuis

After a few weeks, I experienced more power and energy, been using the product for about 5 months. Works well!

Apr 21, 2017

Fam Van Kempen

The product does what it should do.

Apr 21, 2017


Reliable and fast delivery of the product, I'm now using it a month and I feel a lot better and fitter, I will keep using it and I will also look for a good daily multivitamin to use.

Apr 22, 2017


Works well, just giving me that extra" boost " during training. No idea whether it results in more mass or power. I feel good on it, been using it for 2 months.

Apr 29, 2017


No real noticeable difference, but it see no harm in using it. Looking for a stronger alternative.

Apr 29, 2017

Mr. Louckx

Purchased already several times. I like the product and gives me satisfaction.

Apr 29, 2017

Mrs. Efrem

The things that are mentioned about this product in the description I can really feel !!!

Oct 27, 2016


Completely satisfied, 77 years old, I have been using tribex for years !! My fitness and a energy boost I put down to this fantastic product !!

Dec 22, 2016

Mr. Van Den Abbeele

Honestly, I have not experienced a lot of difference. Partly my own fault maybe. Because I took only 1 capsule for the first few days, I am now taking two. Perhaps too early now to give an opinion because I have only been taking it for two weeks. Dirk

Apr 29, 2017

Mr. Bos

I'm using it now for 2 weeks, I have feeling that I have more energy and that my mood is positively influenced. I think I have to use it longer to have an objective opinion

Sep 22, 2016

Mr. Van Rijn

Easy to take and works well.

Jun 2, 2017

Mr. Vandaele

Great product it does what it says it does.

May 26, 2017

Mr. Hofstra

I have been taking them for almost two weeks now and I think I'm feeling a small difference but I think I will have to use it longer for better results

Sep 27, 2016

Mr. Van Der Tang

I have only been using Tribex for a few weeks and can not say anything. Maybe I'll notice more after more time.

Sep 22, 2016


Feel good and have more energy than before ... Just in my 2nd month of using them and feel a lot of difference. Good decision, even if I say so myself!"

Oct 10, 2016

Mr. Noordermeer

Great product, I'm using it for 1.5 month now and I'm definitely noticing a difference since taking it.

Aug 20, 2016

W. Engelen

Because I combine this with other products, I can not be a 100% sure whether this product does what they claim.

May 26, 2017

Mr. Valentijn

Using it a month now, product seems to do what it should do. I feel fitter at least with much more energy!

Oct 10, 2016

Ruud Maaswinkel

I have been using it for about two weeks but do not notice any difference anywhere, but I may not have not use it long enough.

Aug 14, 2016

Mrs. Makarem

I find this a very good product.

Aug 14, 2016

Mr. Derix

Great product definitely for slightly older people

Aug 12, 2016


I have been using it for about two weeks but do not notice any difference anywhere, but I may not have not use it long enough.

Jan 11, 2017


I have the impression that I have more energy since I use Tribex.

Oct 27, 2016

Joost Van Der Wal

Good product, where other brands make huge pills, these are easy to take. Feel more energised and stronger. I'm very curious what happens when using it for a longer period.

Oct 10, 2016

Mr. Cools

Super product, more energy all day.

May 30, 2017

Mr. Aad Vonk

Good product and fast delivery, clear website.

Jan 1, 2017

Mrs. Dumais

Since I started using tribex 5 years ago I feel fit and Young and my libido is constantly higher, my partner is very happy with that, I would recommend men over 30 to use tribex.

Jan 2, 2017


Good and fast delivery, easy to take. I have the feeling that I feel fitter.

Jan 3, 2017

p/a Bonus Supermarkt

Acurate and on time delivered

Jan 1, 2017

Mr. Van Hoefen Wijsard

I would recommend all new Tribex users to experiment with the daily dose in the beginning. At the moment I have been using 1 tablet a day. Product fully meets my expectations and wishes.

Dec 9, 2016

Mr. Palladino

I think this thing works, and good even. It's a bit hard to say whether it's all in my head.. but it works with me and I love to feel this extra energy in me. I'm gonna get myself some more of this and keep it up for a while. I think it is good to do it a bit on and off, so I would recommend quitting for a while and then when you feel like it put it on again. At least that's what I do, I would say always feel yourself and decide whether it's for you or not. I have used it for about a year now, on and off as I said, and I love it. Cheers to all

Feb 3, 2017

Fam Van Kempen

More power. Good product does what it has to do. If in doubt still give it a try. And you will see.

Feb 3, 2017


As a fanatic athlete so I demand a lot of my body. I am a spinning instructor and now 58. By chance I saw an ad for Tribex and after reading at first I had to think if I would be something for me. The text in the ad was very plausible and I could indentify with some of it. My condition is very good, but sometimes I can use the extra boost. I'm using Tribex for 2 weeks now and I like it. I feel I have more energy andalso have the feeling that I'm able to train heavier. Maybe that's all in my head but I notice a difference. So I'm going keep on using Tribex for now.

Dec 9, 2016

Mr. Wuyts

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and feel less tired. I also have the impression that it gives me a bit more muscle definition. It helping me to get back to a more active lifestyle.

May 28, 2017

Mr. Loevesijn

Take 2 tablets in the morning! It really works. Provides good energy and provides good testostron support. During training you can feel the pump! It gives nice hard and dry muscles. My age is 44 and I am very satisfied.

May 22, 2017